Willi Wong, theStoryteller, is a New York City based Modern Lifestyle Weddings and Portrait Photographer that is passionate about capturing, creating and sharing stories that celebrate the spirit of life. He will use all means possible to showcase these stories on his Blog and hopefully through these brief encounters our lives will be richer.

To be able to continue the story onto theBlog is something that I’m really excited about. Our Wedding Stories featuremakes it possible for me to share with everyone the visual stories along with the voices of brides and grooms that will not only tell their story, but also the story behind their story.

This simple brainchild has made blogging a totally meaningful and worthwhile experience for me. I think you can agree with me after listening to the stories of Brooke & Michael, Amanda & Jordan and the ones to come.

In an effort to continue our commitment to telling the story of our brides and grooms, we have come to the conclusion that everything we do must add to the story. We thought long and hard on how we can make theBlog more organic, unique and rewarding for all interested parties. Our Wedding Stories feature provided the answer to our needs.

We truly believe that this is the very first of its kind featured on a wedding photographer’s blog. It’s our commitment to our brides and grooms that they are more than just the sum of money they paid us to capture their wedding and the signing of the contract is just the beginning of a great relationship. We are not just committed to seeing their story through to the beautiful end of their wedding day, but also into the exciting future that awaits them.

We are grateful for those who have connected with us and invited us into their life to witness their celebration and joy. We thank you for the life transforming experience. Our partnership will give birth to the most memorable and beautiful story that’s uniquely yours to cherish for life!

Your contributions are welcome and appreciated. Now let’s share some beautiful memories and stories!

“Life is better with a good story. What’s your story?”  – Willi, theStoryteller, a Modern Lifestyle Photographer

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