New York City Chinatown Wedding

Life is funny in it’s unfolding of our destiny.

A and D, two people destined to be together grew up in New York’s old Chinatown, but didn’t meet until recent years. They probably have walked past each other many times on Mott street, or Pell street, or any of the old streets in this historical neighborhood, orbiting each other day in and day out. Their lives were connected before they even met.

Here’s A’s account of their story: “We should have met many years ago, but because timing was probably not right then, we finally met in spring of 2006. We quickly learned that we have a lot of mutual friends – and that we grew up in the same neighborhood with practically the same groups of friends. Our shared interest of playing Tetris and snowboarding have bound us. But the true test of our love for each other came when life throws its wrenches into our relationship and nearly broke us. In the darkest moment of our relationship, there was uncertainty, there was doubt, and there were rivers of tears, but love does conquer all. After a year of “figuring stuff out”, we decided to give our love another try, only this time with a bigger challenge ahead — “long-distance”. D was in Alabama for a year and a half, while I stayed put in NYC.”

D was training as a helicopter pilot in the Army. And on May 5th, 2011, D kept his promise and proposed to A, on the day he received his wings for the completion of his pilot training.

This is truly “an officer and a gentleman” story with a Chinese-American touch. A and D not only love each other, but they love their families, their Chinese culture and this country. And the story comes full circle with the couple celebrating their wedding in where else, but Chinatown!

What is a wedding? {Mikaela & Brian}

It’s like one of those questions, what is life?

Can this be possibly answered in a blog post? Depending on who you are or what your mood is; you may say it’s impossible or simply smile and point at a flower.

Mikaela and Brian are one of those flowers that I believe can shed some lights on what is a wedding.

They took the time out of their busy schedules as ER doctors and in the mist of relocating to Atlanta to come to my studio to share their story.

I have broken up the interview to different parts so you can come back and listen to them at different times or if you have lots of time on hand and are procrastinating at work, feel free to listen to all of them in one sitting, but don’t blame me if you are caught at work listening to these wonderful wedding stories from Mikaela and Brian.

Mikaela and Brian’s Story Play

Buying the Engagement Ring in India Play

The Road Less Traveled to the Proposal Play

The Dirty Secret of the First Dance Play

Moments from the Wedding – Please click on the PLAY button to start the slide-show


Why we chose Willi, you should really listen to Brian on this one, and Mikaela too! Play

Click HERE to view Mikaela & Brian’s sunrise engagement photo session at Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

Mikaela and Brian celebrated their wedding nuptials at the Lighthouse located in the heart of Chelsea Piers, New York City’s premier sports and entertainment complex.

The Central Park Boathouse Wedding

I was totally excited when I heard that Peggy and Patrick’s wedding ceremony was going to be at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. My office is within a stone’s throw from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, but I have never been inside because of the hoards of tourist.

I thought I was going to get a more private viewing of the church on the wedding day, but unfortunately I was unable to assist Willi that day. Sure glad that there are always the photographs for me to fall back on. No need for me to fight the tourist! Hope you’ll enjoy this slide-show as much as I do.

Did you know that there are two Boathouses in New York City?   Last year we photographed a wedding at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Audubon Center at the Boathouse. This year it is a wedding at Manhattan’s Central Park Boathouse.

Music expresses feelings that words cannot

How many brides have been serenaded by the groom on the wedding day?  Now, how many brides have a song or music written in your honor all dedicated to you?  The prelude from slide show below was composed by the groom, Eric, and it is called, “Fur Adina”.   What a romantic gesture!

Snow Doesn’t Stop A Wedding!

As theAssistant for Willi, theStoryteller, I have to arrange for most if not all of Willi’s transportation. On the day before and on the day of Adina and Eric’s wedding, there was a big snow storm. The driver that we have arranged to take Willi to the East Meadow Jewish Center in Long Island for the wedding called early in the morning on the day of the wedding to let us know that his car was buried in snow and that the streets in his neighbor was not yet plowed.

The East Meadow Jewish Center is about 30 miles from our studio in Manhattan and on a normal day with no traffic it shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes to get there. We figured that it’ll take us over 2 hours to get there on a bad weather day. We weren’t even sure if all the roads and highways were plowed, but our first concern was getting hold of a car. In our neighborhood there are a handful of car services. One after another we were told that they have no available drivers. Thank goodness to friends and referrals that we finally found a ride to Long Island.

We didn’t even bother calling the groom to confirm if the wedding was still going on despite the inclement weather conditions. Weather has never stopped Willi from photographing a wedding; therefore he didn’t think a bride and groom would call off their special day because of a little snow on the ground. The snow on the ground only made it look more like a winter wonderland.

Adina and Eric’s beautiful ketubah was custom made by Adina’s mom, Janice Cepler of Yaffa Studios. You can see more of Janice’s magnificent work of art and creativity on her website:

Good Omens for a Happy Winter Wonderland Wedding Day:

Snow falling on the wedding day is a prophecy of great happiness.

Snow on the wedding day brings money.

When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last.

Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.

If it snows on your wedding day, you will get a dollar for every flake that falls on you.

If snow falls on their wedding day, it means happiness for the bride and groom.