Lauren and George {Rosecliff Mansion, Newport Rhode Island Wedding}

Ceremony:  Salve Regina Chapel
Venue: Rosecliff Mansion
Cake: Sin Desserts
Florist: Joyce Holland at Stoneblossom
Hair and Makeup: La La Luxe, Jessica Szczepanek
Painter: Erin Crowley, Crowley Art Studio
Plantation Catering: Kim and Amanda
Trolleys: Viking Tours of Newport & The Wedding Trolley
Videographer: Artistic Wedding Films, Mike Henriques  


New York City Chinatown Wedding

Life is funny in it’s unfolding of our destiny.

A and D, two people destined to be together grew up in New York’s old Chinatown, but didn’t meet until recent years. They probably have walked past each other many times on Mott street, or Pell street, or any of the old streets in this historical neighborhood, orbiting each other day in and day out. Their lives were connected before they even met.

Here’s A’s account of their story: “We should have met many years ago, but because timing was probably not right then, we finally met in spring of 2006. We quickly learned that we have a lot of mutual friends – and that we grew up in the same neighborhood with practically the same groups of friends. Our shared interest of playing Tetris and snowboarding have bound us. But the true test of our love for each other came when life throws its wrenches into our relationship and nearly broke us. In the darkest moment of our relationship, there was uncertainty, there was doubt, and there were rivers of tears, but love does conquer all. After a year of “figuring stuff out”, we decided to give our love another try, only this time with a bigger challenge ahead — “long-distance”. D was in Alabama for a year and a half, while I stayed put in NYC.”

D was training as a helicopter pilot in the Army. And on May 5th, 2011, D kept his promise and proposed to A, on the day he received his wings for the completion of his pilot training.

This is truly “an officer and a gentleman” story with a Chinese-American touch. A and D not only love each other, but they love their families, their Chinese culture and this country. And the story comes full circle with the couple celebrating their wedding in where else, but Chinatown!