A slice of our life

We took advantage of one rare and warm winter weekend and went out on an outing.  We decided to have brunch at Ikea in Redhook, Brooklyn.  It is the ride to get to Redhook we are excited about.

Though a still a little cold, but the wind was very refreshing and welcomed.  The excursion recharged our energy and gave us new inspiration.  We put together this video to share our experience.  Life should not all be about work and no play, but a combination of both.  Sometimes it may be hard to realize that happiness is all around us.

We decided to walk to Pier 11 to catch the New York  Water Taxi to Ikea.  It was a pleasant surprise when we reached Chinatown; the parade commencing the end of Chinese New Year was going on.

We arrived at Pier 11 earlier than expected.  I was reading my book while waiting for the water taxi, but someone else had something else in mind and tried to get my attention.

After brunch, we did a little exploration in Redhook and watch the sun set before we call it a day.

Japan Day 2008 – Sunday, June 1st

If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity this weekend…go to Central Park this coming Sunday, June 1 and celebrate Japan Day. Japan Day is an event designed by the Japanese community of New York to promote deeper understanding of Japanese culture and, to say “Thank you, New York!”

Japan Day 2008 is held in a green oasis in New York City, Central Park’s East Meadow. It will feature the best of traditional and contemporary Japan with a wide range of family-friendly activities and powerful stage performances throughout the day.

It will be a great opportunity for me to practice my photography skills. Hope to see you all there.

To learn more about Japan Day and to see a list if activities and festivities please visit: http://japandaynyc.org/main/

Photographs + Memories = Investment

We get a lot of emails asking us for our pricing/packages. It is conveniently posted on our website. At first it may be a little hard to find if you do not look through the website.

Why don’t we just name it, “Pricing”?
1) because we want you to explore our website
2) because we believe it is an investment


What do you do with your photographs? Do you put them in an album or put them in photo boxes? How often would you look at them?

Since I’m still a singleton, I only have vacation photos to look at. Every time I look at my vacation photos, I remember how much I enjoy my trips. Prior to every booking I always have to fight the frugality in me. The photos give me the opportunity to relive a certain trip or every trip each and every day. At the end I do often tell myself that I made a wise investment in booking the trip because these wonder photos and memories will be with me for a long long time.

The following two photos are from a trip to Italy two years ago. Every now and then I would think about the handmade black and white pasta and seafood stew that I had in Ristorante Belvedere, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre.


If anyone know of a restaurant here in the city that serves such delicious delicacies, please share the name of the restaurant with me. Thank you!!!

A Parade Without Firecrackers


Since 1997 the sound of firecrackers is seldom heard during the Chinese New Year Parade, but that doesn’t mean the parade will not go on. This past Sunday was the 9th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival. Confetti was cleverly used to replace the firecrackers.


Everyone is trying their best to get the best view of the parade.


A Lunar New Year Parade will not be the same without the God of Fortune wishing everyone a prosperous new year.