Fatherhood, Bicycle, and Wild Daisies

I survived a year and a half of fatherhood. No, I’m not complaining. In fact, it’s one of the best things that have ever happened, but somehow I still feel a little inadequate in the role of a dad. It’s not that I have not provided for my little princess’s needs nor not being there when she needs me. There are too many things to consider when raising a child nowadays; it makes me yearn for the simpler life of my grand parents.

The dangers of our modern society are often invisible, insidious and devious. I fear our future because the appetites of human beings have grown out of proportion. We have become greedy to the point of no return and somtimes our greed have taken over our sense of what’s right. Often times these greed lead to laws being passed that will do injuries to our environment, our health, and our freedom to pursue a wholesome and happy life. The sad thing is we are being numbed, desensitized, and brainwashed, and sometimes we are just too tired to care. There are so many things that need our attentions, and so we forget.

Well, don’t forget! Wake up and smell the air! Go taste some real wholesome food! Go green, go organic, and go bike in the park!

This passed Sunday, we spotted a field of wild daisies growing in an abandon lot in Queens. We parked our tandem bike in the middle of it and took some photos of our little princess. Life is good when you are not pushing daisies but smelling them.

A walking medition with my camera

Taking care of my little one and still working full time has been a challenge. I finally got an hour of free time to walk through the park after the first snow fall in October. It’s so refreshing to walk alone with my camera, taking in what could be the early end of autumn, witnessing the changing colors of the plants and trees, and meditating with each clicking of the shutter. Boy it feels great without a baby attached to my hip!


Images taken with Lensbaby Sweet 35

Six months in the making!

6 months ago, I became a father for the first time. The feeling wasn’t what I expected, it was surreal, and I wasn’t sure if I was really a Dad yet. The experience was so overwhelming that I needed time to relish what had just became the center of my life, my darling daughter.

This little spirit that came from the stars had kept us up all night for 3 weeks. I was pushed to the limit of my sanity. It was basic training for my other full time job as a stay at home Dad. Yes, I became a Mr. Mom for my little one and she has totally consumed every waking hour of my life for the past 6 months. But don’t worry I’m still available to capture your life stories and blissful moments, just contact me.

I know that this time is short and if I don’t pay attention; it will be gone in the blink of an eye! I enjoy carrying her in my arms, tossing her up in the air and catch her landing softly into my arms; these and many other things I will not be able to do with her if I had waited.

These photos from the slide-show were taken mostly on impulse inspired by her angelic spirit as I was taking care of her during the day and when Mommy wanted to dress her up, we made a photo session out of it. She has been an incredible subject, natural, willing to play along, and always never cease to please her Daddy’s trigger happy finger.

I will leave you to enjoy these blissful moments from my life as a first time Dad.

A Green & Eco-Friendly Photographer

What are some ways to Go Green on the day of the wedding?

• Hold your ceremony and reception at the same location
• Ask your guests to carpool
• Find a caterer who uses organic, locally grown food
• Use flowers that are in season, wildflowers or locally grown flowers
• Chose a gown that could be worn again at parties
• Recycle the packaging from your wedding gifts
• Look for a photographer that offers eco-friendly wedding packages

How can a (wedding) photographer be green?

The easiest way for a photographer to be green is to shoot in digital instead of film, which avoids many chemicals used in the film developing process.

We here at Willi Wong Photography strive to run an eco-friendly office.  We operate in a paperless environment as much as possible.  We believe in a greener lifestyle.

We offer  Go Green wedding photography packages that are eco-friendly.  Please contact us for details on our Go Green photography coverages.