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Willi Wong is an in-demand New York wedding photographer better known by his moniker,theStoryteller, Modern Lifestyle Photograher is now also a children’s portrait photographer.

As the brides and grooms’ story continue; they entrusted Willi to document their next
chapter. Thus, he became a children’s photographer by demand. He is flattered to
be invited back year after year to see the product of their love grow; nothing can be
compared to the joy of witnessing the progress and growth of a child.

Willi is not your traditional portrait photographer; he doesn't believe that a commercial
studio with distracting lights is a necessary requirement for beautiful portraits;
instead he focuses on the subjects. By placing his subjects in the comfortable surrounding
of a home or a fresh exciting location he captures their true spirits. He prefers to
show people in real environments and real surroundings from their modern lifestyles.

Children and especially toddlers will not stand still and pose for you; Willi is patient,
shoots fast and furious and along with his background in martial arts and fencing
not a moment can escape from his camera. He loves working with available and
natural light; his ability to see “the light” makes his portraits genuine and real
with a touch of romanticism. He has the talent to work in any location,
situation and circumstance and come away with beautiful images.
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